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Max Miechowski, ‘Burgess Park’

ThePrintSpace Gallery13-21 December 2018

Robynne Limoges / London Comments-The 3Nines Arts
©Max Miechowski, Olly

ThePrintSpace has long been known for its superlative printing and for its highly qualified friendly staff, digital processing help and presentation offerings. Through its Print Hub, it also fosters the direct sales of photographic images to the public. Photographers join, upload their images, set a price. The images are then available to the public for direct photographer to purchaser transactions. More recently, ThePrintSpace have created an enviable exhibition space, which is deserving of a visit, especially for this exhibition.

In September 2018, their Creative Hub launched its biggest competition of the year, searching for the very best artwork never before exhibited, to offer the artist a debut gallery exhibition and a number of supplementary prizes.

Their winner, Max Miechowski, could not have captured a more evocative and beautiful social documentary than he has achieved with his series, Burgess Park. The series captures the diverse and multicultural community that lives in the area of Burgess Park in Southeast London. They come together for the most positive, simple and life affirming activities: barbecues, dancing, sport, picnics, the art of genial conversation, reflection. Miechowski says that it is the environment itself that " a space that helps to unite people and exemplifies the benefits of a positive and inclusive attitude towards belonging to a wider community."

Permeating these gorgeously late day sunlit group and solo portraits, is a special kind of delicacy, of color and hue, of psychology. His subjects are comfortable in themselves and in each other, and the one feels as though one is being invited to a community inhabiting a state of grace. 

Miechowski, throughout his many superb documentary series, concentrates on community and relationship. "This is an area that has fascinated me greatly, and continues to do so. I am extremely interested in people, communities and individuals and how they identify."

You can see more of his work on and there is an insightful interview with Max Miechowski and showing more of his work at

Do hurry. You won't want to miss this exhibition.

74 Kingsland Road

London E2 8DL

Open Monday through Friday: 9am-7pm

©Max Miechowski, Water Zorbing
©Max Miechowski, Beau
©Max Miechowski, Olly
©Max Miechowski, Ebb and Eddie
©Max Miechowski, Shantelle
©Max Miechowski, Leon
Steve McCurry
Lise Sarfati

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