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Occupy The New Tumblr - By Hugh Ardoin

 Hugh Ardoin-The 3Nines Arts

In the Tumblr new atto da fe "A better more positive Tumblr" Jeff D'Onofrio Tumblr CEO pretends to rid the world of the cancer of creativity and freedom of opinion, from now on only the" big brother values" will prevail
It starts on the wrong footing and it deserves to be quoted below
"Since its founding in 2007, Tumblr has always been a place for wide open, creative self-expression at the heart of community and culture. To borrow from our founder David Karp, we're proud to have inspired a generation of artists, writers, creators, curators, and crusaders to redefine our culture and to help empower individuality."
"Over the past several months, and inspired by our storied past, we've given serious thought to who we want to be to our community moving forward and have been hard at work laying the foundation for a better Tumblr. We've realized that in order to continue to fulfill our promise and place in culture, especially as it evolves, we must change. Some of that change began with fostering more constructive dialogue among our community members. Today, we're taking another step by no longer allowing adult content, including explicit sexual content and nudity (with some exceptions). "

David Karp said in his David Karp WIRED March 2012 interview :

"Porn used to be about ten per cent of all our traffic, now it's around three to five per cent," he says. "I'm not into moderating this stuff. Tumblr's an excellent platform for porn, which I don't personally have any moral opposition to."

From the "occupy" movement to censorship the 1% take control the bigot U turn

Forcibly putting words in David Karp's mouth

As the blaring bullhorn spits the shit

Who are they to speak in the name of a community they do not belong to and pretend they are the supremo to judge art content, so goodbye to Gustave Courbet, Degas, Monet, Gustav Klimt and all the other dangerous revolutionaries.

But you the 99% community, you are safe, the Philistines are now at the helm at the Ministry of Clean Minds.

This picture of mine queued yesterday was flagged as sensitive, this was gross, it was a queue and we are not December the 17th yet . I am pulling down my archive and this will be completed by tomorrow, you cannot trust the 1%

The picture was reviewed by some AI lurking in the dark corridors of a contrived parenthood ,we have been demoted overnight from our rank of adults

The problem with AI is what brain you pick to start and who picks it

Bye bye Dr Frankenstein… 

© Hugh Ardoin
Claude Cahun, reine de l’autoportrait
Jan Saudek ou le culte d’une chair habitée

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