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By Briggita Riani -The 3 Nines Arts
Mukti Echwantono

One of the senior photographers from Indonesia who focus on Fine Art Photography is Mukti Echwantono. He has been working professionally as photographer since 2011.

He believes that Fine Art Photography is a combination between photography and poetry - We make poetry but through photography. Mukti stated that he has been pursuing the world of photographers since 2006. However, specifically, he has been studying fine art since 2011. Mukti was very interested in noir nuanced photographs (French which means bleak).

For eleven years as a photographer, Mukti Echwantono has produced works that have gained international recognition. He won a photo competition for the album cover of a California, United States, Maroon 5 band and became a contributor to a number of magazines abroad. His photographs have been featured in several on-line digital and printed magazines platforms such as Corridor Elephant, Adore Noir, Niepce Book (France), Blur Magazine, Eye Magazine (Russia). 

His works have been exhibited at artenativephotofestjakartaindonesia, Jakarta 2012,

Dal Virtual Al Reale, Cordoba, Italy 2012&2013 and at Art & social inclusion, Rome, Italy 2018.Other than that, a photo of Mukti's work is also became a novel cover by Adrian Feder entitled VisumFürsParadies.

He also have done few workshops such as Conceptual photography with

mamipo- Malang, 2012, Paranoir conceptual-Malang,2013 and Empowering photo with walking malang-Malang, 2016.

Mukti revealed,Fine Art Photographyis a little bit difficult to develop in Indonesia. Many new photographers in the name of fine art just want to exploit women. However, most of their mindset is naked women. It doesn't have to be the erotic side of women. We can also give a fine art landscape photos and human interest photos.

Art for him, is a counterweight in the boundless harmony of life and creativity to create new things and inspire many people.

Born in Malang, Sept 22.Mukti currently now is based in Malang, Central Java, Indonesia.He give some advices Suggestions for beginner photographers:Photo is a visual communication.

As a language, the effectiveness of the delivery of the message must be the main thought of the photographer and must be able to choose the type and style of language that matches the message that is brought and effective for the audience.

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