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Mohammed Ben Khalifa, In Memoriam

Hiba Shalabi-The 3Nines Arts

Mohammed Ben Khalifa is a 35-year-old Libyan photographer, graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Information, Department of Interior Design, University of Tripoli 2006, photography began as a hobby in 2012

Since 2014 he has had a focus on photojournalism and began working sporadically as an independent photographer with AP.
Mohamed, one of Libya's leading photojournalists, had freelanced predominantly for The Associated Press since 2014, contributing over 260 photos and numerous videos that documented the country's political and humanitarian turmoil.

In 2015 Mohammed became a photographer and freelance photographer. Participated in many exhibitions inside Libya and abroad
He also won the first ranking in Libya 1 Photojournalism Program its second edition in 2014.
Mohamed bin Khalifa participated in September 2016 with other Libyan photographers at a photo exhibition and a panel discussion within the Moroccan Days in Berlin, which was overseen by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany and in cooperation with the Lawyers for Justice Organization
"Press photography in Libya has a lot of dangers, even if it is not in the war zones," Mohammed said. "People have the obsession that anyone who carries a camera can hurt them in one way or another even if it shows their daily suffering. Journalistic photography is not the kind that fascinates many who have cameras in Libya. The picture that carries a story in its fold is the image that fascinates me is the thing that makes me love my work as a journalist photographer "

Mohamed , started working in photography after Libya's 2011 uprising, according to news reports. He contributed photography and video footage to several news organizations, including the AP, IRIN and Ruptly, a video agency belonging to Russian government funded outlet RT, according to the news agencies. Ben Khalifa covered stories in Libya such as the migrant crisis, militia clashes, terror attacks and civilians' day-to-day lives.

Mohamed Ben Khalifa's first filming experience was through a film "The Sea of our History" , directed by famous Italian director Giovanna Gagliardo and produced by Istituto Luce Cinecittà. The film was shot between the city of Rome and the city of Tripoli. Mohamed is a photographer for Tripoli. The film tells about the Italians who lived in Libya and about the relationship between Italy and Libya. And about me and my Campaign

Mohamed 's commitment to tell stories that only local journalists Mohamed covered the tragic story of Smuggling of migrants for years before the world drew attention, Mohamed was originally from Zwara, the hub of migrant smuggling activity and had been covering the tragic story for years before the rest of the world paid attention. he has a documentary photography project which were an exceptional series of pictures he took from the beaches of Zwara showing the scattered washed up belongings of migrants desperately fleeing war and poverty. he captured the pictures, respecting the bodies that washed up with the belongings, which included a wedding photo album from a Syrian refugee family. He was adamant that people had to know what was happening and to humanise these bodies that were washing up regularly on these pristine white and turquoise beaches.
A few weeks before his death December 2018 , he was on a trip to southern Libya, to the lakes, organized by Libya's tourism Friends.

Mohamed Ben Khalifa, a photographer who contributed to outlets including The Associated Press, was killed during clashes south of Tripoli on January 19, 2019 according to news reports, local press organizations and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya.

Ben Khalifa was buried in the next day in his hometown of Zuwara..

The AP said they were "devastated" by his death and have paid tribute to his "important, impactful" work.

Mohamed was always saying "what is the importance of life, without leaving a good impact!"

Mohamed was a Humble and good friend. Professional and fair mate, Mohamed's photos in creativity, each picture conveying hidden messages non-speaking .. His loss is terrible.

Rest in peace My Friend Mohamed

Images taken  by Hiba Shalabi during the photographing work of Mohammed Ben Khalifa for the documentary film about Tripoli (Sea of our history) in the old city of Trípoli, Libya
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