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Christmas Will Be Magic

El Ratón Automático-The 3Nines Arts

Art, and life are not mutually exclusive. In fact part of the reason for the existence of art is to, in some way, reflect life back to us - like a mirror, and, very often, a dark mirror.

Christmas, they promise, will be magic. Look at the television ads. Selectively conceived sentimental, family-driven plots, tables heaving with food, carefully chosen and decidedly mawkish (in keeping with the theme) music and pleasantly surprising happy-ever-after ending. 

'Grandfather had the Werther Originals after all!'

Christmas is the wet dream of the creative. Greetings cards illustrated with happy scenes of children and/or 'humanised' animals frolicking in the snow. Christmas will be magic...won't it? Specially decorated gift wrap and all those symbols : angels, holly, Robins, mistletoe, mince pies and wine.

"Families Find Happiness" ©Sergio George Burns

People racing around buying gifts as if their frontal lobotomy depended on it. Arms full of carefully balanced packages. Spend, spend, spend and spend again. Throw caution to the wind, and meanwhile, for some reason, you are unable to shift that awful, mushy song from your mind.

The truth is often more harrowing. Some are not joining in. Some have the world in their hands while others barely exist. And, where is merely existing, pray tell, written on any individual's birth certificate? Where does it say you were born to be unwanted, uncared for, unhappy at work, unemployed, anonymous inside a sleeping bag in a shop doorway.

"Invisible" ©Sergio George Burns

Where are we informed that we will be invisible, crouching, begging, while the rest of the world rushes past to other lives. Hurrying toward their own private Armageddon...perhaps.

The stress and strain of those who move in train with expectations. The man rolling from drunk on the street, his eyes wide in the realisation that he has spent the money he had for his partner's Christmas present in the bar.

The woman in despair by the cash machine calling out that her plastic has melted into the mouth of the ATM. Now she has no money to feed her family, it has all been swallowed by the brands. The swoosh, the apple that someone has bitten into, and the distinctive red and white livery of the Coke can. All, wonderful creations brilliantly designed and realised pieces of art in their own right.

Brands that trip off the tongues at Christmas parties..Galaxy, iPhone, Google, Huawei. Held in hands and waved in the air like a badge of upwardly mobile success.

"God Said" ©Sergio George Burns

Among the madness, a lost looking man, bemused, befuddled, bewildered? A man no one pays any attention to, as he tries in vain to send a message to the masses. Tries to inform of what Christmas actually means.

Vainly attempting to tell an indifferent world about a child, born homeless on that night. A star brighter than any other led the Magi. And what did it mean? Goodness, light over dark, peace on Earth and goodwill to all persons? Really?

Who can be sure what to believe? Have we really made all this up - brands, religion and suffering - as we have gone along? We come to this point in time and think... 'What is the meaning of Christmas?'

Just in time we run across the great secret of this time of year. Enlightenment! Brilliance! Art! Why, Christmas comes to us compliments of Superdry. 

Thank God for that!

"Superdry Christmas" ©Sergio George Burns
YZ (Yseult Digan)

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Monday, 26 October 2020
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