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This Edit of Is This Who We Are : Photography and the Human Condition

By El Ratón Automático-The 3Nines Arts Life. For most of us means working 'decent' shift after 'decent' shift ad infinitum. Human coalface, working a tedious seam of soul destroying ordinaryness, for – RELATIVELY – little reward. The vast majority of us are forced to do this because we need to keep a roof over our heads feed ourselves, and our fami...
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Messages From The Visual World

By El Ratón Automático-The 3Nines Arts As a writer and a journalist I love text, I love words, I love the process of writing and of selecting how the words are put together to form sentences, paragraphs, stories, fact, fiction... Narrative is, for me, the way a story unfolds, and I always have this feeling (rightly or wrongly) that we ( as a human ...
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Down and Out In Paris and Los Angeles : The Documentary Work of Emerging Star Suzanne Stein

By El Ratón Automático-The 3Nines Arts  Look up. What do you see? Millions of stars in a black sky? It is a bit like photographers. They are everywhere across social media, on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Facebook. But here, amidst this rapidly expanding photographic universe, there are a few brilliantly lit stars. One of the big finds, for m...
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Art and Text - Narrative, Language and Understanding?

 By El Ratón Automático-The 3Nines Arts Everyday of our lives we use language to communicate, to exchange ideas and messages. We create descriptions of the world, and what we understand as 'reality' via theories written in language, usually deposited in books or magazines or online. We are constantly taking in information. It comes at us like ...
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Christmas Will Be Magic

El Ratón Automático-The 3Nines Arts Art, and life are not mutually exclusive. In fact part of the reason for the existence of art is to, in some way, reflect life back to us - like a mirror, and, very often, a dark mirror. Christmas, they promise, will be magic. Look at the television ads. Selectively conceived sentimental, family-driven plots, tab...
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Corporate Graffiti or Brand Art, Whatever You Call It - It Is Everywhere

 By El Ratón Automático-The 3Nines Arts  Photographs used to advertise many different products. Gaily coloured burgers with bright red ketchup and juicy green lettuce or pencil slim models in jeans in the windows of fashion shops, or pretty young ladies framed in photographs in banks, smiling like unhinged angels inviting you to part with...
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