The main mission of The3NinesArts is to raise awareness of emerging artists and their artistic initiatives, as well as to contribute, present and showcase work of established artists. To this end, The3NinesArts has services adapted to the creative needs and the projection of the work of the artists. Our Services range from presentation management to prizes and competitions to direct contact with potential artists and buyers, including the online exhibition at The3NinesArts.  These are the tools to generate greater visibility for the artists work. We are creating a participatory, dynamic and accessible platform for showcasing art in all its forms and from all perspectives for maximum exposure for the artist.


Xavier Daniel


Community Manager

Sònia Guasch

Special Contributors 


Myrthala Treviño

Arts Consulting 



Laëtitia Bartholome

Documentation Management

Robynne Limoges

Correspondent from London

Danielle Bernard

Correspondent from France

María Reinlein

Correspondent from Spain

Caterina giovanardi

Correspondent from Italy

Hiba Shalabi

Correspondent from Lybia

Luis Junyent

Mindfulness Arts Consulting

Jose Mingote