The3NinesArts will visualize and promote emerging artists and their artistic initiatives in painting, sculpture, photography, illustration, architecture and all visual arts.


The main reason for The3NinesArts is to promote emerging artists and their artistic initiatives supported by renowned artists and sponsors committed to art in all its dimensions.  To this end, our services range from the management of online exhibitions to the consultancy of prizes and competitions, including direct contact between artists and buyers, and the presentation of their works to galleries and art centers.


We defend freedom of expression as the fundamental right for creativity and the lives of citizens around the world.

Xavier Daniel


Community Manager

Sònia Guasch

Project Manager / Special Contributors 


Laëtitia Bartholome

Documentation Management

Danielle Bernard

Correspondent from France

María Reinlein

Correspondent from Spain

Caterina giovanardi

Correspondent from Italy

Events and exhibitions in Italy

Hiba Shalabi

Correspondent from Lybia