Johana Sophie, Art Painter

I used to draw a lot before I learned to paint when I was 21. I felt it as my calling, to live my life as an artist. I developped my own style since then that is mostly abstract, or in between abstract and figurative. I try to make things that are not visible, visible in my paintings. That's my job as an artist, not to live by the concepts of the society but look behind them and give expression to that.
I use different kind of materials, from oil colors and acrylics to watercolors and ink because I like to experiment with all the different characteristics of them.
I don't stop to develop myself and to learn and I'm always searching for more possibilities  to work on art projects and to connect with other artists. I  truly believe in art as a healing life force, art belongs to me and the world looks much better with art. Everybody should be creative in a way, because it brings things out of yourself and being in a place where you can create empowers you to be yourself with the things you feel, you think , you believe and you want to say. 



Thank you so much for agreeing to an interview for our new arts initiative.
Herewith a couple of questions for you but please feel free to add anything you might want to. You can be as elaborate as you want on your answers!

 From which age or happening did you start having an interest in painting?
In school I liked to draw a lot, when I was 21 I learned myself to paint and kept doing that until today, finding my own style and vision on art.

Who do you greatly admire in the painting arena and in other areas of the arts?
I admire the female artists for finding their way through the history of art, that are much less well known than their male collegues, like Augusta Savage, Hedda Sterne, Camille Claudel and many more..
I admire Jeroen Bosch for his  visionary paintings, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Paul Klee, Marc Chagall amongst many other great painters..
I admire everyone that dares to dedicate his or her life to art..

Do you think of particular themes at a time and how much time do you spend on planning this?
I have the themes roughly thought out in advance and once I start to paint I let go of my thoughts and try to paint just from my feeling. My themes are mostly spiritual. I like to take the forms of things apart in my paintings and paint what 's behind them. While I'm painting the image appears, I would not force my will on to the canvas,  I just paint what's already there.

 Do you have to travel much to get exactly that special scene for your painting?
I do like to travel for painting, I like to surrender myself to a certain place, and be inspired by it. What I also like to do is withdraw myself in my home, and paint what comes from within.

Do you consider freedom of expression in art a fundamental right of creators and why?
Of course freedom of expression in art is a fundamental right for creators as it should be for everyone. I think no human being has the right to tell someone else what to believe. Art has the property of freedom intrinsic in its own being. It will always find it's way to express itself, no matter what suppression humankind enforces at that time being. Art goes beyond that.

Do you think that creativity should be a priority of educational systems and how would you encourage it?
I think that creativity might be the most important thing in education, because it connects all other fields. It gives people a way to express themselves, as well as a way to heal themselves. 

Let's talk about creativity. What role should creativity play in society?
Creativity is a life source, that can change a society. It should not be underestimated and should be used much more to shape the sort of future that we want. No endless talking, but the power of change and creation instead.

What message would you like to convey with your painting?
The world is not made of the things that are visible, what's really interesting is what's behind all the visible things and painting is one way to show some of that.

 What or who inspires you?
People that dare to live from the heart, that don't do what 's expected of them.. So if you feel art is your passion, be an artist, and don't listen to criticism..

What are your other interests?
Besides painting I like to make music, and I like to be inspired by nature and to travel.

Many, thanks for providing us with your information. I appreciate the time you have given!

With kind regards.
Xavier Daniel
The 3NinesArts


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