Takafumi Otsuka , Photographer


From which age or happening did you start having an interest in photography?
I’d been not interested in a photograph until two years before, but I take many shots now. Ummm...My friend is an amature painter – I know it’s only natural but she paints so very well. Quite the opposite, I’m too poor. Note to self, don’t cry, It’s okay, so I did start to click away! That’s my only consolation and the beginning of everything.
Who do you greatly admire in the photographic arena and in other areas of the arts?
If I was to say it, Henri Cartier Bresson. I only have his “A Propos De Paris “. However I’d never been aware of this world until a few years ago. I actually love the poet, for example, yeah, T S Elliot...especially W H Auden. Auden’s short poems have the mathematical beauty - I was deeply impressed by the gruesomeness of it takes my breath away. My process of communicating often uses visual and musical images. His poems is... Yes, that's exactly it! In addition, Kurt Vonnegut and Hunter S Thompson are my faves. I guess I have a literary bias.
Do you think of particular themes at a time and how much time do you spend on planning this?

I'm an street photographer so the scene before me is my theme. I'm so tight on time on the road.  Oh by the way, I get interested in the portrait these days but I don't know the details yet.
Do you have to travel much to get exactly that special scene for your photography?

No. A simple day like today turns itself into the special day on the street. I believe in an indifferent scenery often has short-lived beauty in our life. However I'd like to travel solo once in a while.
Do you often just see something and know you have to capture it right away?

It's so complicated. Yeah... I do see the various “sounds” in my mind when I walk down the street. It's a wind screaming, conversation of shadow and light etc. In this case I tape-record these “sounds” with my camera.  Looks alike with composing a poem or music – I make the architecture of sounds in my mind. It's just photo-making to me. Is that what you asked?

Do you consider freedom of expression in art a fundamental right of creators and why?

That's a tough question. The answer is yes. My friend said “The expression stays open to all aspects our being.” I definitely agree. I want to stay true to myself, everyone think so? After all, so very difficult problem.

Do you think that creativity should be a priority of educational systems and how would you encourage it?
Hummm...I'm at a loss. It's just an example, in FC Barcelona youth system, all talented boys have gone a long ways? Also N'Golo Kante has been living as a star? It's the hints we may find for this.
Let's talk about creativity. What role should creativity play in society?

I just think the creativity is qualities beyond first language, nation state, race and culture. To make long story short, art is not the only punch line. The number of people make a unilateral decision is increasing in society. So we must pay close attention to a lack of the creativity.
What message would you like to convey with your photography?
“ What message does this photograph have? “ If I hear so, I will be happy. It may sound paradoxical, but it's up to you interpret my photographs. Fill in the blank – It's my wish.

What or who inspires you?
SNS friends! I realized again how big the world is after using it. There are my masters work with me. I've been able to gain many valuable experiences. If I hadn't had a SNS account, I wouldn't be what I'm now. So I recommend it if you want to meet a lot of people from other countries and experience many cultures.

What are your other interests?
Most certainly it's foreign language learning. I've hit the wall – I'd like to talk as much as possible with people with another country.
Thank you very much for interviewing me. Also I'm deeply sorry for poor my English.

Many, thanks for providing good us with your information. I appreciate the time you have given to us!
With kind regards.
Xavier Daniel
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