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I'm Hiba Abubaker Shalabi
Birthday : 10 November 1976
Nationality:  Libyan American
I'm a photographer & Artist  ,found myself interested in photography since 2004, I was knowing by nickname: Hibo  as a Libyan blogger since August 2005 .
I love Art & Photography, Photographer`s my First Interest..
I find myself an activist and a fan of art, history and photography since 2000 when I opened a group on the Yahoo site called lovely Tripoli, I was interested in publishing everything related to the city of Tripoli .. The old historical and cultural heritage of Tripoli ..
I moved to blogging in 2005 and I went out for photography and writing daily stories in the Libyan dialect .. I was the first blog to write in the Libyan dialect from Tripoli at the time when most of the bloggers from outside Libya were eager to know Libya news..
I find myself strongly inclined to the art of digital .. Combine the images taken by my camera and manipulated with my fingers like the artist manipulates the feather and colors ..
What connects me with the problems of women in Libya is digital art  .. It is the means by which the stories of girls in Libya, or to publish part of the old Libyan identity with a new cultural blending.

-I've participated in the exhibition in university of Tripoli in 2012 -2013٩
- I've participated  (Scott kelpy photowalk) Gallery 2013
-Also participated in project "Imago Mundi art" (Libya Hurriya) " 2015 Which was shown in Italy in march 2017 and again in April 2018.
-And participated on the occasion of international Women Day events in Casablanca, Morocco , march 2016 & march 2017
-was part of  exhibitions to support Women rights at The " Chouftouhonna" in Tunis in May 2016 & September 2017
-Was the owner of Exhibition to me and my friends , at art house 10  feb 2017 . we named (Reflection )
- joined Scott kelpy worldwide Photowalk as a leader of #MyTripoli walk in Tripoli Libya 7-10-2017 ,Best  Photos collected During the tour were used by Me for an acclaimed  Exhibition at art house Dec 2017 
- I founded the Trabulusna team. October 2017
-I was participating in the Bani Walid Festival in 2016.
And participation in the Autumn Festival of Houn City.
- Since the end of December 2017 and I am overseeing a campaign in pictures, I ask to save the old city of Tripoli and save the cultural and historical heritage and the traces of neglect. #SaveTheOldCityOfTripoli 
- The Italian Embassy in Tripoli held a photo exhibition for me at the Palace  Red Castle Of Tripoli (Al- Saraya Alhmra ) to support my campaign and help raise awareness of the importance of cultural and historical heritage in the Old City. 28 June 2018
- joined Scott kelpy worldwide Photowalk as a leader for the second time in Downtown Old City of Tripoli #Trabulusna 6 October 2018.
- participated in a documentary file about Old Tripoli (sea of our history) To the famous Italian director Giovanna Gallardo..Which was screened Rome International Film Festival. 19 October 2018. I was honored to attend, at the invitation of the producer of the film.. #SaveTheOldCityOfTripoli
-The Italian Embassy held the second exhibition to raise awareness of the danger facing the old city. Photos of My campaign #SaveTheOldCityOfTripoli , December 2018 in the cafe of Cozy, Hay El Andalus Tripoli
-The organization of exploratory tours within the old city with Trabulusna team, Started from December 2018 and even now within the program .. Awareness, cultural and social to my campaign #SaveTheOldCityOfTripoli
- Organizing an Exhibition together we protect our history and culture heritage.. for Trabulusna Team .. in Tripols restaurant  Old City .. 12 January 2019
A former member of the Libyan Society of Photography 2008
A former member of the Libyan Organization for filming in 2013
- A  member on the Organization of the Old City of Tripoli for Development 2018
Now an independent photographer working for the account myself.
Facebook account : Hibash76
(Hiba Shalabi)
Twitter : @Hiba76Sh
Instagram : Hiba_Shalabi


From which age or happening did you start having an interest in photography?

27 years old 

Who do you greatly admire in the photographic arena and in other areas of the arts?

There is no particular person, I am tasting photography and art from everyone. 

Do you think of particular themes at a time and how much time do you spend on planning this?

Architectural photography, street life and portraiture..

All the arts that deal with the issue and the story .. Work, planning and thinking whole does not take much time. It's important to be satisfied with my work.

Do you have to travel much to get exactly that special scene for your photography?

Travel opens the doors closed, giving you the opportunity to see the beautiful viewer. And push you to save and work through them to create a high-quality painting.

Do you often just see something and know you have to capture it right away?

Yes, Always.. ???? 

Do you consider freedom of expression in art a fundamental right of creators and why?

Yes, because it is the only way the artists can through it communicate their messages.

Do you think that creativity should be a priority of educational systems and how would you encourage it?

Yes should be..
Through the support of the talents and the examination of their sores and their involvement in educational work .. And cultural ..
Organizing exhibitions, competitions and cultural activities.. 

What message would you like to convey with your photography?

Street life, art, spreading awareness of the beauty of cultural heritage, issues of women and society

What or who inspires you?
My Father.. 

What are your other interests?

Art, digital art, graphic art. 

Will you kindly submit up to four of your own favourite photos and maybe say why you particilarly like them

The pictures I like to carry, my memory, story, sense. Art, beauty history .. they are most loved in all my photographic photographs. 

Hiba Shalabi

Many, thanks for providing good us with your information. I appreciate the time you have given to us!

With kind regards.
Xavier Daniel
The 3NinesArts


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