Heike Thieme, Art painter and Drawner

Genre of pictoriality: looking for a solution, the real teaching.

I paint and I write since fifteen years.

My paints are about 200, in the seize of 40 cm x 28 cm. I first skizze the paint with pencil and colored it with pastell, then I fix it with hairlack and do a fotografie. These last paints I started two years ago. My writing started since fifteen years.

My books are presented in Books on Demand just online. I am not prominent at this moment.

I am born 11.11.1964. I tried to do all kinds of work outside my art, for example helping disabled people or elderly, and cleaning and kitchenwork, I did work as a massage-therapist and jobs here and there. My son was born 11.08.1997 in Kiel and I educated him alone. Since four years I live in a new appartment with my labrador lady – called Mable – all on my own.

I wrote about many different themes for example :

Social work -I am a Clairvoyant - I present my work in the promotion of disability from 2011-2014.
-My Way to Childhood - My book about my childhood and my son's. Here in English, too !
I think these words. I see a light strip in front of me. On closer inspection, it has the shape of a comet. The brightest end, the head, is childhood and growing up.
I am presenting this year the treasure of my Free Speech Volume I – V in German.
I indroduce you my eight English and those German Novels.
I offer this year in English - My two Books of Love -
'The Universe takes place in my pocket' and 'Sea Feathered Leave'
I have a third - Book of Love - Answer of silence - is in German-language edition. Telling about my new Love. I've learned: you have to be defiant enough to be alive and survive every second. Who can stand true human closeness and assert that being together is more than just touching the sky and reveling in the dream ?
My newest is my English Translation and in German - my early 500 Japanese HAIKUS
My book - All from one hand – in German-language I talk about believe and my own ethics.
Atheistic intuition represents the healthier way to find oneself, since religiously a lot of falsehood is driven abusive to use the weaker, to transfer own need for self-assertion or greed for power to humans.
I sell two books – Lifeline II and III - with some of my paints and all thousands of my own poetry I invented since two years that I am in contact in socialnetworks like Twitter.

I offer an older Biography and a small book of my Cooking and Baking.

My readers say that my conceptual combinations and the rhythm of my language have a great poetic power, which is intended to stimulate and trigger inspiring associations and connotations in the reader. So I'll keep it up. An additional extension would perhaps still be conceivable in the direction of increasingly broaching objective and natural phenomena in addition to one's own thoughts and biographical moments.
I invented a new kind of expression - to thematize such natural phenomena. It's like a game and takes the language out of weight. Like this I dream. Like this I do my paint.
It is about visualizing spontaneous, natural or psychic instantaneous moments. Where the term "moment of moment" can sound quite an eternity aspect, so it can be general phenomena.
Well, I better know what I offer on a variety of topics - such as Indian, the moon, the earth and the becoming, the wind and the spirit.
This may be the way with a bit of practice, will reach beyond the time that I realize where my particular strengths lie. It could be painter and also be in the linguistic, so one would think I should not lose the courage early ! Might be that people get interested into my art.

I live in the northern part of Germany close to the Danish border in Schleswig.
Since I currently do not have much financial resources, I have no studio or material fundamentals to create really bigger pictures. I would describe my category of art as colorful and perhaps talented, but I do not have the tricks and technical experience of a trained art student.
I would like to offer my pictures or perhaps books worldwide. My interest is completely open, so to offer my art worldwide. 



Thank you so much for agreeing to an interview for our new arts initiative.
Herewith a couple of questions for you but please feel free to add anything you might want to. You can be as elaborate as you want on your answers!

From which age or happening did you start having an interest in photography ?
I began testing different cameras during various internships. I enjoyed exploring the surroundings to capture the color spectrum offered by nature. Previously, the SLR camera was by far the best camera.

Who do you greatly admire in the photographic arena and in other areas of the arts ?
I admire all these artists who perceive their surroundings with a keen eye. They go out among people and communicate with their images and let everyone participate in the communication, whether in the mass, whether spontaneous recording or perhaps to record a very special, melancholy and soulful mood in black and white. This kind of art reveals the human side of our society and the beauty in the detail, even the initiative that people show to encourage each other.
Do you think of particular themes at a time and how much time do you spend on planning this ?
I started with colored dreams. I wanted to carry these pictures outward, and now and then began to paint these inner pictures. Today you can digitally capture these with simple means and good camera and spread it. That's what I call progress.

Do you have to travel much to get exactly that special scene for your painting?
I traveled in my younger years at seventeen and eighteen. All journeys return in dreams. The arrival in a new home also explained itself to me in pictures. I was never concerned with taking possession of the world as such, for I was always historically prepared for it before a journey. So I had learned to know the traditions of people in the foreign interesting and their hospitality. In every little custom the presence of everyday life, smiling faces appear, pictures you never forget.

Do you often just see something and know you have to capture it right away ?
I know when I come into conversation during a spontaneous encounter with someone, I let their hearts speak to me, and it is easy for me to develop the sense of how they need my advice, especially among young people. Spontaneity can trigger whole earthquakes of human trust. And the face of a man preserves his dignity. I think it's like the trees that have invited the birds to linger on their flocks, but never urge them to stay or return to them because they accept that these creatures are free, unbound beings.
Do you consider freedom of expression in art a fundamental right of creators and why ?
Of course, since every art in the stages of a person's life depends on their maturity and their way of being from now and then creative, all artists should be encouraged, no matter what they try to represent in their art.  Never, never giving up and stay creative, this should be a human right !

Do you think that creativity should be a priority of educational systems and how would you encourage it ?
I always told myself how my grandmother took it, everything takes time. She smiled at me and handed me a big black book. One day I should know what is written in it, everything that moves me. And since so many questions of life are still unanswered for a young person, each person should constantly try to actively help others to improve their situation. I mean I was always socially involved, often without a salary. Disabled people, old people and those who would like to get back to work, are such a large area, it is always a gap somewhere, to gain a certain wisdom from this fulfilling work, simply because one is attracted to people feels and wants to take responsibility.

Let's talk about creativity. What role should creativity play in society ?
Creativity is a way to communicate with the world no matter how, because everyone can do something good. It provides a confirmation and strengthens the feeling of happiness and to let others the chance to participate. You experience the present and gain a glimpse into the future. You prepare yourself creatively for what will be your own hobbyhorse one day. One begins to network more and more, to concede occasionally, and after a while, the artists come to a kind of wisdom about how easily they can concentrate in order to promote mental activity. From then on, man learns to live in the creative flow. So art is a kind of fountain of youth that is inexhaustible, a path that often leads people back into the light.

What message would you like to convey with your photography ?
I can shape my inner metaphors or my understanding of life out of dreams into a picture, with words and with painting. In fact, I have a voice that answers to the questions that open to me in silence and confirms when the time is right. I would like to encourage people to convey to them that there is an easy answer to all questions that comes to them when they take a moment to rest and wait for the wisdom. And this comes, that's guaranteed.
What or who inspires you ?
People who have grown up multilingual and master the art of the word are very inspiring to me. I love it because its humor gives people courage. I also venerate those who are silent and rest in their midst, because they have a great capacity for empathy, a great deal of friendship, and understand the principle that, in due course, love will grow, if you will allow it. Any form of linguistic or creative art can trigger certain connotations in the viewer or reader, which are inspiring for his progress.

What are your other interests ?
I love to see challenges in working with people with disabilities, who just need a little bit of attention and respect, be instigated and find a way out for themselves, perhaps to reach their own sense of happiness with a slight hint of my own. A path also goes on musical paths. A line that makes it possible to become something else, because music gives hope and comfort. Music is the soul of food.  A musician makes music in order to find a way out, to release inner tension and at the same time to dive into another world in a creative way. Another writes poetry in order to get to grips with one's desires. Not to lose access to the other, wishing to be loved by him. Another paints to banish the passion of the colors that swirl in him on the canvas. A ranger walks to avoid losing access to internal paths that point the way for him to leave his childhood. A woman loves to give advice and support to the child of another woman, or to help him at birth. A person exists to keep the necessary laws that guarantee his survival. My lover says that my body screams for its touch.

Thanks for your interest. I too appreciated the time to talk to you !

With kind regards.
Heike Thieme

Many, thanks for providing us with your information. I appreciate the time you have given!


With kind regards.
Xavier Daniel
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